RIVTA Student Scholarship

Award: $1000.00          Deadline: May 1st

The Rhode Island Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship is open to an undergraduate student entering their second half of schooling in an AVMA veterinary accredited program. This student must express interest in furthering their career as a Veterinary Technician by proving their experience through the established scholarship guidelines listed below. This scholarship is gifted by the Rhode Island Veterinary Technician Association and their Executive Board.

Guidelines: All guidelines must be met before a scholarship application is reviewed.

  1. Applicant must reside, work, volunteer or attend as a student in the animal field in the state of Rhode Island. 
  2. Applicant must be an established student who is entering their second half of schooling in an AVMA accredited program. Online programs will be accepted starting January 1st 2025 as long as the program is AVMA-accredited. 
  3. Applicant must submit a letter of recommendation from a mentor within the field, CVT preferred.
  4. Applicant must have experience working or volunteering in an animal clinic, hospital, aquarium, farm, zoo, or research facility.
  5. Applicant must write a short essay expressing their passion and goals for their future career as a Veterinary Technician.

About the Applicant:

  • Applicant must submit the RIVTA Student Scholarship Application form. 
Click Here to Complete the Application
  • Applicant must comply with all guidelines listed above and submit items together within the application.
  • If application is approved, applicant must write a short article for the RIVTA newsletter that describes their experience as a student (ie. an inspiring class, an interesting lecture, a motivating learning experience, etc.)
  • Failure to comply could result in application denial or return of gifted monies.


About the Award:

  • The award of $1,000.00 is allotted annually for the scholarship fund, allowing for one scholarship per year.
  •  All money will be awarded directly to the school and will be utilized to facilitate the awardee’s college tuition.
  • If the recipient is unable to attend school for the year awarded, all moneys will be returned to the RIVTA treasurer.
  •  It is not mandatory for the scholarship money to be awarded annually.

To Apply:

  1. Meet the applicant requirements describing the Rhode Island Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship.
  2. Complete the scholarship guidelines and Student Scholarship Application on the RIVTA Website
  3. Submit questions to:
Rhode Island Veterinary Technician Association
Executive Board
Don't Qualify for RIVTA's Scholarship? Check with your AVMA Accredited Program about the AAVSB VTNE Scholarship!